Interviews with Strangers

Do you ever wonder how you came to have your personal ideas, biases and perspectives about relationships? Or how others came to have theirs? And how they might be different?

I’ve been gathering other people’s perspectives on a range of relationship ideas and questions (via facebook and through one on one recorded interviews) over the past year or so.

I’ve been doing this for a couple of reasons: I’ve always questioned my own perspectives and beliefs about relationships and want to compare my ideas to others’ and their experiences to challenge my own deeply held beliefs. Most importantly I see huge value in sharing ideas and experiences with others so that we can all learn and grow from a collective knowledge about things we tend not to talk about openly unless asked directly (and often only privately).

For all of the people who publicly shared their ideas on each of my facebook posts, there were at least another two who messaged me privately to share their thoughts and to say they loved reading everyone’s points of view. It seems to me that other people are just as interested in strangers’ thoughts on the subject of relationships as I am.

I’ve collated the relationship questions I’ve asked and the answers that followed and with permission from contributors, will upload the final document here shortly for everyone to read. I’ll also regularly update this page with new audio interviews on a range of relationship questions and topics that I’m curious about.

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Let me know if there’s a specific relationship theme/idea that you’d like me to cover by getting in touch below.