Notes from Strangers

Not many people know this about me, but I enjoy writing, very much. I’ve been writing for myself now, for a few years as a purely cathartic thing. To write is to order your thoughts.

I think I’m ready to take another step now – to share with others and receive feedback and criticism.

My stories are conversations that I don’t have the guts to have out loud with the people they relate to. They are honest recollections of small (and sometimes large!) but meaningful events in my life. Do you have stories like that too? Would you be willing to share them with me? Do you want to see them written and feel them and hear them in someone else’s voice?

The thing that I love most about stories is when I can relate to them on some level. Despite many stories being so far removed from my own personal experiences, it’s often the feelings, thoughts and worries we have with those differing experiences that are so universal. I am looking to take others’ stories and find those universalities so that we can all realise that while we are all so different, we are all so alike.

Here you can see a few of my stories. This is the most vulnerable I have ever been. Will you be vulnerable too? Are you open to sharing your bravest, most frightened, most loved or loving experience with me? Take a step. Share your story. I’ll write about a small part of your life that you’ve honoured me enough to share with me.

Our shared stories are shared humanity.

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