Do you miss me?

This is not my story. These are not my words. I could not alter this story as it’s perfect just as it came in.


All the doors are locked

Our dog stares out into the dark at the sounds of a different house

And I miss you

The rain falls in our house through the roof to a small green pot that sits in the middle of the kitchen floor

Do you miss me?

Will I ever sleep again in that house, with the doors wide open breeze flowing

Safe because nothing can hurt us when we are standing together?

And I miss you

I know its not right because I’ve never felt so wrong

God damn do I wish I never felt this way

Constant knots in my stomach

Sweet saliva fills the back of my mouth

I’m retching over an empty foreign toilet bowl

And I miss you

I wonder if that pot rests alone tonight

It’s filling the only sound in our now locked house

Or if you are there, retching and writhing in a bed of pain like mine

And do you miss me?