I guess I should be flattered. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, they say.

Let me get the record straight though.

I was not around when you started dating him. It was well and truly over by the time you both started seeing each other. That is no word of a lie. I am not a character in your romantic fiction, so remove me from that story. It offends me that you’d use me as some sort of dramatic plot device.

I can see that you are a collector. But you are collecting things that are not yours and things that were not easily won.

I’m not an owner of these people, places or vocations, but it disturbs me greatly that you’re cultivating the very elements that make me, me.

I’ve encouraged you to write about your sexual assault, your mental health struggles, your bisexuality, your work and writing. I’m not a gatekeeper – it just feels convenient that these come to light a day or two after I’ve shared my own.

If you’re looking for a path travelled and cleared; one that works and ends in success, this aint it.


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