Look, I love you kid. You don’t think it’s possible but it’s true.

You think you’re broken beyond repair don’t you? I know you look at the scars on your thighs, your wrists, your arms and know they aren’t going anywhere. On show for everyone to make of them what they will. What about this then?

Here, let me kiss them. Let me cover you in gold leaf; press the crinkles into those wrinkles and into those scars. All your lines covered in sparkling dust. You’ll glimmer where you’ve aged the most, where you’ve broken open and been put back together.

Just like the Japanese do with Kintsukuroi, I’ll wrap those cracks, not to hide them but to console them. To warm them. To embellish. It’ll be an aspect of your history then, how you came to be part gold.

Would you be as precious without these flaws filled with gold? Of course, the preciousness exists already and the gold only highlights for you to better see. Look around you, kid. These people have cracks that you can’t see. If only gold filled them up too. Would you ask about them if they were?

You’re an adventure, kid. Don’t you love adventure? I do. I’ve always loved adventure. People seek out adventure. It makes them feel alive.



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