I fall asleep with the music on these days. The soft melodies attempt to chase away the loneliness that creeps into bed instead of you. The steady drum beat – 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 replaces the emptiness where another heartbeat should be. I can’t sleep with silence.

I told you I’m not wounded. I wasn’t lying, in a way. There existed a gap inside that you filled and now it’s empty again.

When the music rocks me to sleep, I dream a romance I’m not sure exists or ever will.

Bodies like waves
Satin clings:
Electric arcs between skin,
Static lightning in the dark,
Highlighting collar bones;
And hips;
And navel

Dry lips on glistening breast
Fingertips kissed
One by one
Softness in urgency
Only in dreams
Always in dreams

I’ll be dreaming now
Don’t wake me


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