What I loved about you.

What I loved about you the most was that you made me laugh every single day. I just loved being around you. We were kids even when we grew up together into young adults. I loved how sweet and considerate you were and how much you made me a part of your life – every little aspect. Your Mum told me all the time about how you would say “She would love this”, “She said this today”, “I’ll get this for her”. It was obvious that I was in your thoughts all day long and I was very special to you. I don’t think you realise how special you were to me, or how special you always will be to me. Even though we’ve gone our separate ways, I’ll always be your precious and you’ll always be precious to me. We hurt each other but loved each other so very much and I don’t regret a thing.

What I loved about you the most was how romantic you were. I’ll never forget the Easter egg hunt you organized for me in my apartment one year (with 52 things you loved about me coupled with a delicious chocolate gift) or the fact that you flew across states every single weekend to be with me when I worked away for a few months. Those grand gestures aside, it was the little things everyday that warmed my heart and made me fall for you: the fact that you’d warm my side of the bed before I got in, how you’d make me delicious healthy meals for lunch and dinner and how you’d always touch me, somewhere, whenever we were close enough. It was imperative that you touch me because touch was one of the ways in which you showed your love and you had a lot of it to give. I felt adored by you and I couldn’t help but return that adoration in abundance. You taught me how to love as much as possible without being scared – it wasn’t until you that I realized that we should never hold back how much someone means to us.

What I loved about you the most was how you came back every day even when I thought you couldn’t possibly see anything in me to keep you interested. But you were interested – you wanted to get to know me, deeply and it shocked me. When we went to bed together, I couldn’t believe the connection we had immediately and I’m sure it was because you had gotten under my skin like I didn’t think was humanly possible. You opened me up like a flower. No moment with you, ever, was boring in any way. I couldn’t tell you how many hours were wrapped up in each other’s kiss or embrace and I wouldn’t want to quantify it. The number I’d come up with would never be enough.

What I loved about you the most was that you loved me, in a myriad of ways. I’m richer having been given a sliver of what you have in your heart.



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