Card game. 

A divide grows longer with every engagement announcement; every wedding photo; every coupled house purchase and baby birth date

A chasm between us deeper every sneaky lovers’ kiss; flowers on the table purchased for no special occasion but just because; every date night posted on Facebook; every angle showing love lives entwined

But not mine

I’m learning strategies and using synergies and writing memories and drawing visions; learning all about myself and all this without you

I’m climbing mountains; surfing waves and drinking whisky all without you and that’s OK for some but some is not me

I want to climb mountains together. I want to hold your pack and when you are poorly I’ll keep your hair back and when you’re tired of synergies and strategies I just want nothing more than to hold you and tell you it’s going to be alright if we’re together. 

Instead I’ve got these cards and I’m playing them the best I can. Unfortunately I always end with The Joker.


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