Remember on the third date

the date you didn’t think would happen

remember how he laughed

with his head tipped back so far

that you could see inside his imperfect, perfect mouth

remember how he kissed your cheek goodbye on your first date

giving up the sophisticated, aloof character he’d played all night

skipping away like a child, excited, full of shared chocolate brownie and butterflies

remember the heat between your chest, his back, your legs and his waist

during the piggy back ride 20 somethings shouldn’t enjoy

especially following the “let’s be friends” talk

remember the arguments in the soaking wet bed sheets

and the softness in word and touch when you came back together after wrenching each other apart

remember the back and forth silence, “I love yous” and “but not enough”

When you remember, now, that he’s chosen her

remember, too, that you now understand


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